New Facebook Page For Chiropractors (Can you say SEXY?!)

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As a chiropractor, having a Facebook Page is about to get a lot sexier.

Facebook has just announced that on March 30, 2012 all Facebook Pages will be upgraded to the new Timeline look and feel.

This gives chiropractors (and other Page owners) a variety of new patient engagement tools to use on Facebook.

Below is a 2-page PDF from Facebook that shows you all of the new features:

New Facebook Page For Chiropractors (Can you say SEXY?!)

Take a peak right now at some Facebook Pages that have already updated to the new format:




http://www.facebook.com/MoreChiroPatients – you’re a fan of this one, right?? If not, go over there now and click like. New Facebook Page For Chiropractors (Can you say SEXY?!)

What I’m NOT Happy About…

Now, in all fairness… I will tell you… there’s one change that I’m not thrilled about. And here it is…

The new Timeline layout does NOT allow you to choose a specific landing page (tab) for non-fans.

Meaning: you can no longer automatically direct prospective patients, who aren’t fans yet, to a specific location within your Facebook Page that entices them to click the like button. You can still have that type of “tab” within your Facebook Page. Just not automatically displayed.

(Shameless plug: I’ll be releasing a full training video tomorrow for our Millionaire Chiropractic Club doctors on how to start using all of the new Facebook Page features and new layout right away. You can get that video when you get your MC2 membership today.)


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